Python Interview Questions and Answers

1. What are the distinct features of Python?

The distinct features of Python include the following.

  • Structured and functional programming are supported.
  • It can be compiled to byte-code for creating larger applications.
  • Develops high-level dynamic data types.
  • Supports checking of dynamic data types.
  • Applies automated garbage collection.
  • It could be used effectively along with Java, COBRA, C, C++, ActiveX, and COM.

What are the supported standard data types in Python?

The supported standard data types in Python include the following.

  • List.
  • Number.
  • String.
  • Dictionary.
  • Tuples.

What is the difference between a module and a package in Python?

Each Python program file is a module that imports other modules like objects. Thus, a module is a way to structure the program. The folder of a Python program is called a package of modules.

What is meant by namespace?

A namespace refers to a naming system that is used to ensure that all object names in a Python program are unique, to avoid any conflicts. In Python, these namespaces are implemented as dictionaries with ‘name as a key’ mapped to a corresponding ‘object as the value.’ As a result, multiple namespaces can use the same name and map it to a different object.

Below are the three types of namespaces in Python:

Local namespace – It includes local names inside a function. A local namespace is temporarily created for a function call and is cleared when the function returns.

Global namespace – It consists of the names from various imported packages/ modules that are currently being used in a project. A global namespace is created when a package is imported in the script, and it lasts until the script is executed.

Built-in namespace – It includes built-in functions of core Python and built-in names for the different types of exceptions.

What is the difference between the list and tuple in Python?

The difference between tuple and list is as follows:

List Tuple
The list is mutable (can be changed) A tuple is immutable (remains constant)
These lists performance is slower Tuple performance is faster when compared to lists
Syntax: list_1 = [1, ‘Codebun’, 5] Syntax: tup_1 = (1, ‘Codebun’, 5)

Define slicing in Python.

Slicing is a procedure used to select a particular range of items from sequence types such as Strings, lists, and so on.

Does Python allow you to program in a structured style?

Ans: Yes. It does allow code in a structured as well as Object-oriented style. It offers excellent flexibility to design and implement your application code depending on the requirements of your application.

What is PIP software in the Python world?

PIP is an acronym for Python Installer Package which provides a seamless interface to install various Python modules. It is a command-line tool that can search for packages over the internet and install them without any user interaction.

What should be the typical build environment for Python-based application development?

You just need to install Python software and using PIP, you can install various Python modules from the open-source community.

For IDE, Pycharm is highly recommended for any kind of application development with vast support for plugins. Another basic IDE is called a RIDE and is a part of the Python open-source community.

What tools can be used to unit test your Python code?

The best and easiest way is to use ‘unittest’ python standard library is to test units/classes. The features supported are very similar to the other unit testing tools such as JUnit, TestNG.