Viva questions and answers for java project

List of the viva questions and answers for java project During the project submission you face many questions which is related to your project. Here I am going to discuss some questions and answers for the java project.

Q) Explain the project flow

A) To understand the project flow you need to execute complete project and explain the main key point of the project. Here I am going to explain by an example. for example, your project is “Student Management System”. So you can answer in a simple way. The student management system is a web-based application that helps to manage the student of any college organization or institute.

Where admin has all the control to manage student or faculty like Add/ Delete / Update records. same from the user side like a student can manage his record and It can be based on your project.

So the main points that you need to focus on the functionalities of your project. Just explain all the functionalities of your project.

Viva questions and answers for java project

Q) What technologies you are using in your project.

A) I am using Java as the core technology to maintain the front view part I am using JSP, HTML, CSS, and JS. To handle the server request I am using servlet and to store data or maintain the back end records using MYSQL database.

Below is the brief definition of the technologies using in the project


I am using HTML to create front end GUI functionality like input fields, Heading of the all pages, page tittle, Buttons ETC. Html provides Tags for every part of page design. For example, I am creating a footer of the page. So there is a footer page is available similarly header tag for header part and the body tag for the body part of the page. We can add images as well using <img > tag.

Java Script

Js is a programming language mostly used to set the validation at the client-side. As the Java script team is updating there technologies these days lots of frameworks is available like Node js, view Js, react js. Which supports client site as well as server site. Js is the one the big programming which supports all the things. It is open-source so it’s used widely. We are using js in our project to create front end validation. We are using js to set proper validation for the input fields like DOB, and password Fields.


We are using CSS for designing purposes. It helps to create more attractive HTML pages. CSS and its updated versions like css3 and css5 support animation and some advanced design things. Which makes our application more attractive. We are using CSS3 for basic use like to manage divisions passions. To add some color in the heading and footer page.


I am using Servlet as a server-side programming language. Which is responsible to handle the request which is coming from the view part. As we are using MVC architecture so the controller part would be handle by the only servlet by the post and Get methods.


I am using the Tomcat server which provides by the apache corporation and its open-source server. Which is helps to deploy and run our application on the localhost server? It will generate a local URL with the localhost and port number(xxxx) with the project name. It will help to compile and run our JSP and servlet code as well.


Java is the core programming language for this project. To perform bean operation, the logical operation we are using java. In the project, we using the object model which is followed by the java. It is open-source programming and provide all the support at the client-side as well as server-side. We are using java code and syntax in servlet. As well as using JSP also for the logic operation like IF else or conditional statements.


It is a relational database management system. In this project, we are using MySQL to store the data of employee. There is a separate table to divide the data and each table is related to others. Unique and foreign keys are responsible for the relations between the tables. 

To operate the database we are using MYSQL workbench which is quite simple and easy to understand. MYSQL server is running on the port number 3306 with the username “root” and password “root”.

Q) What is MVC and why you are using MVC in your project.

While building your college project or your first java project its really important to manage all the source file manage in a proper way. So we are using MVC with every java project to manage the View part, Controller part as well as the model part. Model(Model package) in every java project contains all the database related source code. All the transactions are used to get data from the database and insert data into the database. JDBC related code. Build a Java project with maven is really simple and good practice to manage your source code as well as for the industry standards. MVC is not a tool its a way of programming.

Q) What is Maven?

A maven is a tool that is used to manage the Jar files of your project in an easy or proper way. And It happens only some min line of code. You just need to add a 3-4 line code in the Pom.XML file. When we create a project with maven tool. It will create a Pom.xml automatic. This is the file that contains all the dependency(code of the Jar files). That we need to add inside the <dependencies></dependencies> tag. And don’t worry we do not need to create that 4 lines. This code easily available on the internet you just need to Google about it.

Q) Where did database connectivity in your project?

We are using a Model package to maintain the database transactions and write common code to connect database in the properties file.

 Q) Where is the Code of Controller, Model, and view in the project?

Please follow the below screenshot to get the Idea where is the code about the controller, Model, and View.

Here Controller means Servlet, View means JSP and Model mean Database transaction.

Viva Questions and answer for java project

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