Online flight booking project in java with source code and report

Online flight booking project or Airline Reservation System project in java with source code and project report. Online flight booking project in java a web application which is build on the java as core technology. Its using JSP, HTML, JS and CSS for the View part. Servlet to handle the server request. MYSQL to handle backend operations using JDBC driver. Tomcat as deploy server. Its a web application which will be run on the browser over the internet. We can deploy it on the local server also. To make it work without internet. If I talk about the features of the application there will we two main actor of the application 1) Admin, 2) User/Customer. In the overview section you will get the complete description of the project.

Online flight booking project in java with source code

Online Flight booking project in java


There are two main actor of the application Admin and user let check the working of these actor how can they operate application according to their role.


Admin can Add/EDIT/DELETE a new flight details.

Admin can check the booking records of the users.

Admin can change the status of booking.

Admin can change the flight time accordingly.


– User can search new flight with some easy steps just enter the flight name from and to according to the location for example City A to City B.

– User can Register in the application with some simple details like mobile number, name and email.

– User can Login in the application. After login user can view his personal information under the my profile section.

– User can Edit his personal details at any time as well as user can change password.

– User change check the booking history. To check the past booking details and ticket status.

– User can search flight after login as well as with out login.

– When user will search flight the list of available flight display in the search result page with a beautiful BOOK button.

– User can book the flight from location A to location B. To confirm booking user must be login in the application.

– User need to pay online currently its using demo payment page. We are not using real time payment getway or email sending API. These things are just for demo.

Online flight booking project in java with source code demo and project flow

Technology used in the Online flight booking project in java

Front-End : JSP, Html, CSS, JS.

Server-side: Servlet.

Back-end: MYSQL.

Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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