Step 1:  Demo

In step 1, we will Share the Project demo video, technical details about the project, and the working terms.

Step 2: Payment

Users have to pay the complete pay as per the services. After payment, The User will get access to the source code and other required resources within 30min(between 10 AM  to 8 PM ist). and other services like Remote Configuration and Explanation will be scheduled within the next 24(between 10 AM ist to 8 PM ist) working hours.

Step 3: Remote configuration

During the remote configuration, we will connect with your machine using Anydesk or Zoom and do the complete configuration.

Important points that users have to follow

  • There should be better internet connectivity (Hotspots with mobile phones are not allowed at least connect with wifi).
  • The machine should be capable to run the operation of the required software The good machine is(i5 with 8GB RAM)
  • The configuration will be done on the windows operating system only.
  • After configuration user will get 10 min time to verify the application with a shared demo after verification the ticket will be closed.

Note: Remote configuration will be done with in next 24 hours after confirmed booking.

Step 4: Explanation

For Explanation, there will be a 1-2 hours live session over the zoom where we will end to end code flow explanation of any common module of the application. With Database connection and MVC architecture.