How I will get the project?

Once the Support team shared the project demo, service details as per your requirement, and payment details. Now you can select the plan as per your requirement and process the payment.

After payment, you have to share your email id so the respective support team person can allow you access to the source code and other resources (Database and Project Report). and schedule meetings and sessions as per the services(Configuration and explanation). It depends on the requirements.

When do I get the project?

You will get project access immediately after payment with video tutorials and resources for configuration.

In case you face any issues during the configuration or the project is not working the same as shown in the demo. you can connect on the same channel over WhatsApp. Will schedule the Remote Configuration within the next 24 hours.

In case you have bought the project with an explanation service then Zoom sessions will be scheduled as per the availability of developers.

Will I get the project report with the project?

Yes, there will be a complete project report that follows the SDLC(Software development life cycle).

What’s inside the project report?

It’s a standard project report in SDLC and contains diagrams like DFD and ER. It’s just a reference doc that says about the used technologies, Architecture, and functionality of the project. it will be in doc format so students can change the data as per their requirements.

Where will I get the project report?

Once you will get access, download the rar or zip file. extract it and search for the report folder.

Will I get the report as per my requirement?

No, you will get the standard report in Doc format, so you can update it as per your requirements.

Will you share PPT?

No, As we are providing complete project reports so there will not be any PPT.

What is remote support?

Remote support is one of our services, where our team members will connect with you remotely by using Zoom or any desk and run the code on your machine. know more about remote support.

Note: remote configuration will be done within the next 24 hours after the booking is confirmed. It’s never available on an immediate basis. One time configuration is available free of cost. In case of multiple configurations, you have to pay configuration charges.

What are the pre-requirements for remote support?

You must need a good internet speed by wifi or broadband (Minimum 2 MBPS) Check your current speed here Apart from that it will require a Windows machine with an i5 processor and at least 8GB RAM with full access to the machine by any desk with open firewalls.

Note: Without these resources, codebun will not take any responsibility to run and set up the code on the user’s machine.

Can I configure and run the project without remote support?

Yes, you can as we are proving a video tutorial for configuration also our remote team will follow the same steps that show in the tutorials. But still, you need to be a technical person with basic knowledge of IDE, Development, Servers, databases, and Connections.

If you even don’t know the basic things we’ll recommend you go with remote support so you will not get any issues or errors. There are many parameters from your Machine hardware configuration, OS, and so on so we can’t take any security to run the project without remote support. We try our best to cover and record all the technical configurations but As it’s an advanced thing so you must have in-depth knowledge about the used tools and technologies to do it on your own.

Can I extend the plan later for other services like explanations?

Yes, You can pay the remaining amount and extend the plan at any time as per the requirements.

Can I make changes after remote configuration?

Yes, you can make changes but it will be at your own risk in case of code failure, We will not respond to solve the errors. also, the remote connection will be paid for reconfiguration.

How much time is required for the configuration process?

It totally depends on the System Processing(How smoothly your system is working) and the Internet speed. with good internet and system performance. hardly it will take 20-30mins.

Is there any time limit to using the source code?

you will get the link to download the code that will auto-expire after download or in the next 24 hours so download the code and keep the backup with you and you can use it lifetime there is no time limit to use the code.

How much time is required for the explanation?

There will be 2 hours live session and it can be 2-3 hours it’s depending on the technology and project type.

Can I record an explanation?

Yes, you can record the session for future reference.

We are 4 members in the group did you run the project for all the team members?

As, per the services, will provide the one-time configuration on one machine only but if you want it on multiple machines. you can pay only configuration charges for each machine and get remote services for multiple machines.

What tools and software are required to run the project?

It depends on the project and technology but the common things are IDE(Eclipse or STS), Database(MYSQL and MySQL workbench), and Server(Tomcat).

If you do not have these don’t worry our remote team will do the setup and install all the required tools and software.

Can I configure the email into the project?

Under the properties file, you will get the option to add the email, while we are using we have third-party dependencies about the mail integration from Google. so we do not take any responsibility for it. Code is implemented, and you can take help from Google, or Google support related to security issues.

Can I use Eclipse?

Yes, you can use Eclipse as well.

Can I use NetBeans or any other IDE?

Partially yes, you can set up it on Netbeans but we do not commit to it because sometimes NetBeans creates version conflicts. But Our remote team will do the configuration only on the same tools that we are showing in the demos, As IDE we are only using Eclipse or STS.

Can I run the project on Mac, Windows, or Linux?

Yes, you can run the project on MAC, and Windows. Currently, we are not providing any remote support for Linux.

Can I use the project for business purposes?

No, These projects are for the academic purpose of the students so you can’t use them as a business.

Can I submit the project to my college or can I use it for my academics?

Yes, you can use it.

Is it a minor or major project?

It depends on the requirements.

Can I use this project for placements?

Yes, you can use it.

What Technology it’s using?

Tools and are technology defined in the demo and check the description box below the demo video to get mere details.

Is it using a Database?

Yes, it uses the MySQL database

How can I trust Codebun?

It’s really a valid question but it hurts, Well Codebun its providing software services for the last 3 years it’s not just a blog it’s PVT. LDT. Company Codebun Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We believe in commitments so you definitely get the services are the selected plan. Yes, we have a fixed price that is really not negotiable because we are very sure about our services. yes, we have terms and conditions to maintain work discipline and decorum. I will recommend you check it out before the process.