Codebun Is a Software Training and Development Company. Where we provide multiple services like Real-time project development training, Our blog section is always available free of cost to provide real-time project development solutions. Also, We are providing Web application development and Automation.

Web Development

Web Development in Java domain. Currently, we have support for JSP, Servlet, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, JDBC, Hibernate, Rest API. Our team is highly experienced with this technology and multiple tools like Sts, Eclipse, Mysql Workbench, Mysql Yog, Tomcat, etc.

Currently available web stacks

  • Project in Jsp, Servlet with JDBC and MYSQL.
  • Project in Spring boot and Hibernate.
  • Project in Spring MVC and Hibernare.
  • Project in Spring boot and ReactJs.

Automation Testing

Complete Solution for the End to End Web automation testing using multiple domains and technologies like

Automation with Java

Selenium Web Driver with TestNG, Cucumber.

Automation with C#

Selenium web Driver with Nunit, Specflow.

Automation with Js

TestCafe, Puppeteer

Placement & Development Training

Development Training

Yes, We are providing Java full Stack development training that is really helpful for students or working professionals. Codebun doesn’t have any prerecorded videos. There will be only live training where students can record the videos for future use. It will be a corporate training where students feel the corporate enviorement. 

Software Testing & Automation Training