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AngularJs object,Arrays and $eval with example

AngularJs object providing a better way to hold data in object form. We can simply define an object with angularJs object. In this tutorial, I am going to show you AngularJs object AngularJS Array AngularJS $eval AngularJs object  how to define AngularJs object. obj ={s1 :’AngularJS ‘,s2 : ‘With CodeBun’} Complete code for AngularJs object <html> <head> <meta

AngularJs expression with number and string

Angular JS expression and ng-bind directive AngularJs Expression uses to bind data with HTML. We can write angualarJS expression inside braces {{ }} or we can use ng-bind directive. In this tutorial, I am going to show you : Angular JS simple expression Angular JS ng-init directive Angular JS ng-bind directive Angular JS expression with number Angular

AngularJS tutorial || routing in angularJS.

AngularJS tutorial, routing in angularJS, what is the ngRoute module in angularJS and what is $routeProvider in angularJS. let’s see angularJS routing with the example of single page application in angularJS. AngularJS routing AngularJs is used to create single page application. AngularJS routing is very easy to make single page applications. In this angularJS tutorial, How to

JSP Tutorial || life cycle of JSP page.

The life cycle of JSP page is a process of converting JSP page to a servlet or in other words, you can say web container generates a separate file with ( extension. or you can say the complete execution of a JSP page. Before this have a look at what is JSP. JSP is Java

JSP tutorial || What is JSP || Why we use JSP

JSP tutorial Java server page is technologies for server side programming as well as client site programming. In this JSP tutorial, we will focus on what is JSP and why we use JSP page. and other basic term related to Java server page(JSP). What is JSP? JSP is Java server page. this technology is used to create

java web project (Online Hotel Booking)

                           Online Hotel Booking Complete java web project(Online Hotel Booking). Java dynamic web application developed in JSP, servlet, HTML, and CSS and for the database, we are going to use Mysql. Java web project using JSP, servlet, HTML, MySQL, and NetBeans (online hotel booking ). With completely free source code. Project description : Java web