Hospital Management project in Spring boot with source code

Hospital management system project in Spring Boot, JSP, and Hibernate MYSQL with source code and project report. The hospital Management project is the major project using the hibernate and spring framework.

It using java as the core technology and Mysql as a backend to manage the data records. The application is following the MVC architecture with a maven tool.

Hospital Management System Project in Spring Boot

Online hospital Management project is a web application which is helping to manage the activity of a hospital Like Patient management, Doctor management, Manage appointments. Manage the records of patients.

The main objective to develop the Hospital management system in java is to manage the hospital activity online. There will be Three main Actors or Users of the application 1) doctor 2) Admin 3) Receptionist. This project is only for college students who want to complete their Semester projects.


Hospital Management System Project in Spring Boot

 There are three main actors in the system who going to manage or run the complete application. Let’s discuss it one by one according to the role and readabilities.


Admin is the main actor who will be responsible to manage Doctors and Receptionists. Below is the task list which will be performed by the admin.

  • Admin can ADD/DELETE/UPDATE a doctor.
  • Admin can VIEW the list of doctors.
  • Admin can ADD/DELETE/UPDATE a receptionist.
  • Admin can VIEW the list of receptionists.
  • Admin can ADD/DELETE/UPDATE a patient.
  • Admin can ADD/DELETE/UPDATE an appointment.

To filter the records on every page you will get the search box on every page or with every table.


  • The doctor can check the appointment and the patient list.
  • The doctor can VIEW the appointments.
  • The doctor can VIEW the patient list.


  • Receptionists can ADD/EDIT/VIEW appointments.
  • Receptionists can ADD/EDIT/VIEW patients.

Tools and Technologies 

Front-End: Jsp, JPA, Html, CSS, JS.
Server-side: Spring Boot.
Back-end: MYSQL, Hibernate.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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Hospital Management project in java using JSP, Servlet and MYSQL

Hospital Management Project in Spring MVC.

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