Java web project configuration

Hello Everyone In this tutorial you will learn. The complete configuration of the java project. Please follow the following steps one by one.

Install Java Development Kit (JDK)

At the very first step, you need Installed JDK in your machine. So before install please check JDK in your machine if it’s not there then you need to download and install the new currently JDK 12 is available in the market. But as per the codebun’s project, JDK 1.8 will be enough.

Download JDK 1.8 from the below link

>Download JDK

Install JDK 1.8

Click on the downloaded JDK file and Install like a window software or follow the step from the video.

Check the Installation for confirmation

Follow the path “C:\Program Files\Java” and check the JDK with version.

IDE configuration

Step 1: Download STS tool from the >>link 

Step 2: Extract Zip file

Step 3: Follow the path “sts-bundle\sts-3.9.1.RELEASE”

Step 3: Run the sts application.

Video tutorial to install STS tool

Import Project in your IDE

Step 1) Run your sts tool or Eclipse.

Step 2) Click to file at the top left corner and click to import.

Step 3) select Maven> Existing Maven Project and click on the next button.

Step 4) Browser your project from the location and click next then finish and wait until the import process is finished.

Step 5) Right-click on the project and select properties from the bottom.

Step 6) Select “Java build path” Then “Libraries”

  • Edit “JRE System Library” and select “Execution Environment” as 1.8 and click to finish.
  • Click to “Order and Export” Check the “JRE System Library” checkbox and click to apply.

Step 7) Select “Project Facets” from the properties and change the java version at 1.8 and click to apply and finish.

Database Configuration

We are using MYSQL as the back-end for every project with MYSQL workbench.

Step 1) Download Complete MYSQL setup >>Link

Step 2) Install MYSQL to check the steps please follow the video linked below >>Link

Step 3) Run MYSQL Workbench.

Import Database in MYSQL workbench.

Step 1) open workbench and connect with the MySQL server.

Step 2) Click to “server” and select “Data Import”.

Step 3) Select the option “Import from self-Contained file” and browse the file from the location and click to import button.

Step 4) Refresh your database server.

Step 5) Finally you will get your database:)

I will suggest you to keep the database connection name = “root” and password = “root”. Because we are using the same in every project.

Server configuration

To deploy our java project we are using Tomcat 8.5.

Step 1) Download tomcat 8.5 >>Link 

Step 2) Extract File and copy at any location in your machine for example “C drive”.

Step 3) Again Switch to sts tool/Eclipse and search for server window. Follow the path to find server window

=>Windows=>Show view=>Others=> Server.

Step 4) Right click in the server window and select

New=>server=>Apache=>Tomcat 8.5 Server=>Next.

Step 5) Browse the tomcat folder which we had copied in “C drive”.

Step 6) Click to Next and Finish.

Finally, Run Your Project

Step 1) switch to STS tool/Eclipse.

Step 2) Right-click on the project and select “Run As” then “Run on server”.

Step 3) Select “Tomcat 8.5” from the localhost.

Step 4) Click to next and finish.


So Till now, we have cover the complete process of java web project configuration. In below steps we will cover the error which you may find during the configuration process. I have cover most of them but If you get any new error during the configuration. please comment me with screenshot. We will find the best solution and link here the solution.

Port 8080 already in use.


Step 1) Switch to sts tool server window.

Step 2) Double click to “Tomcat server 8.5”  and observe the post section table.

Step 3) Change the port number from the “Port Number” column and Save (ctrl+s).

Step 4) Clean and restart the server.

How to change the table data in MYSQL || Explore database

Change the database password in the project || Edit file

Note: Codebun also provides the configuration process remotely at your machine you have to pay 500rs  Extra for the one-time configuration process with demo.

Contact for the configuration

Whatsapp: +91 8878982889

Skype : jcodebun

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