Online Examination Project in PHP and MYSQL with source code

Online Examination project in PHP and MYSQL. Another Major Project in PHP and MYSQL with source code and project report. Let’s understand the core feature and functionalities in detail of the online examination system project in PHP and MYSQL.

Technologies Used


  • HTML
  •  CSS
  • javaScript


  • Php


  • MySQL

Note:- The application is running on the XAMPP server.

Online Examination Project in PHP and MYSQL

The flow of The Application. There two major roles in the application so The user table in the database consists of two types of users.

  • Admin
  • Student/user

ADMIN Features

Home page of Admin

  • As soon as the home page loads the admin login option is given in the footer section of the home page.
  • Registered admin can log in into their account with the appropriate given name and password.
  • After the admin login, the admin can see the data available in the database and can see how many students have taken which test.

User Section of the admin

⇒ Under the user section, admin can check the user details like name, gender, college, Email and Mobile Number.
⇒ The admin can sort the data as per the name, gender or college name.
⇒ The admin can have the authority to delete any user and also can edit the information.

Ranking Section of the admin

⇒ The ranking section consists of the list of the student/user according to the highest score to lowest.
⇒ this section is already sorted according to marks and rank.

Feedback Section of the Admin

⇒ The feedback form consists of the list of feedback forms submitted by the user/students.
⇒ That list shows the serial number of form, subject of form i.e the purpose of the forum or topic of form.
⇒ Also shows the email id of sender, date and time, and the name of the sender.

Quiz Section of admin

⇒ As the admin has the option of adding the quiz the form appears first.
⇒ That form asks for the detailed information of the quiz, like Title of Quiz, Total Number of Question, Marks for the correct answer, Marks for the wrong answer, Time limit of the test, and description of the test.
⇒ As soon as admin submits the above information the question filling form appears.
⇒ It asks for the question and options as well that will be displayed.
⇒ Admin also has to fill the correct option.
⇒ Admin can add multiple quizzes and can remove or delete the quiz also. These are the major task that can be performed by the admin.

User/Students Features and Resource

⇒ On the home page, there is a User/Student registration form is available for the new person to register for the Quiz.
⇒ The form asks for details like Name, Gender, College Name, Email, Phone number, and Password.
⇒ In the header section, there is a sign-in option available for the user to login to their account.

The home section of User/Student

⇒ As soon as user register or log-in the User/Student is landed on the Home page consists Of all the quiz available.
⇒ The can start the test from there and can attempt the questions of the test.


⇒ As the quiz is over the result is Displayed.
⇒ It shows the total questions, The number of the correctly answered question, The number of wrongly answered, the score and overall score of the quiz.

Ranking Section

⇒ The Ranking section of the quiz consists of the ranks and marks of the user and ranks and marks of the other user as well.

History Page

⇒ These pages displayed the information of the past quiz taken by that user/student.
⇒ it shows all the information regarding the score, right and wrong along with quiz name.

⇒ As the user/student takes the test on the home page the color of the test changes to green which shows that this test is attempted before and the start button also changes to restart.

This is the Complete overall functions and resource of this application of the Online Quiz examination.

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