Online Examination Project in spring MVC

The online Examination System is built using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL. Online Examination System project in java is a web application that provides a platform for conducting online examinations. Any organization, teachers, coaching trainers, or companies can use this platform to conduct their online examinations.

This Project is performing all the crud operations like EDIT/UPDATE/DELETE functions. Following the MVC architecture to manage the view part in Spring and handling the Server-side request, it’s using Hibernate and MYSQL as backend.

Online Examination System Project in java

Online Examination System project in java is a web application through which examiners can conduct online examinations and students can attempt those examinations. Admin can add examination on a date of their interest and enter an objective-type question-answers along with the correct answers. Students need to enroll and give the examination. Each question needs to be attempted in a maximum specific time-limit set by the examiner. A timer will be running at the top of all the questions. Just after submitting, the students will be able to review their submissions and check the results.

The following are the major objective of the application.

1. To provide an online platform to conduct examinations
2. To allow admin to add examination and set question paper
3. To allow students to give online examination and see results
4. To maintain a complete record of examination and results obtained by the students at any point of the day
Modules and functionalists of Farming Management System
There are two types of actors in the application one is ADMIN who conducts the examination and the other one will be the User/Student who will be giving the examination. Let’s see all the details step by step.


• Admin can ADD examination
• Admin can VIEW/EDIT/DELETE the list of examinations
• Admin can SEARCH the examination by Name
• Admin can ADD questions and their respective answers
• Admin can VIEW results
• Admin can SEARCH results by Exam Name or Student Name
• Admin can change its Password
• Admin can view its Profile


• User can purchase the exam subscription of his/her choice
• User can VIEW the examination list
• User can give examination
• User VIEW the result list
• User can change its Password.
• User can view his/her Profile

Technologies used in Online Examination System Project

Front-End: JSP, Html, CSS, JS,
Server-side: Spring, Hibernate
Back-end: MYSQL.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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