Project in java with source code and report Home Improvement System

Home Improvement System project in java with source code and report. Here is the one more project in java. Java web application project in java. To develop a Home improvement system we are using JSP and servlet and as a back end to manage data and transactions we are using MYSQL.

There will be 3 main actors in the application 1) Admin 2) Customer 3) Employee.

Project in java with source code and report

Project in java with source code and report

Contact for source code and installation.

Skype Id: jcodebun


Project Description and Module

Customer: send a request to improve their house service.

Admin: Manage all the request and assign the work to the employee.

Employee: View the work and update the work status day by day

The technology used in the Home Improvement System project in java

 Project title: Jewelry Shop Management System or Jewelry management software

 Front-End : Jsp, Html, CSS, JS.

Server-side: Servlet.

Back-end: MYSQL.

Server: Tomcat 8.5.

Contact to download source code and configuration

Skype Id: jcodebun


Price: 800 INR

Note: If you need the source code you can contact. We will provide complete source code with project reports and the team will configure complete project at your machine remotely. We will explain the complete flow of the application with source code.

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