Bank Management System Project in Java using hibernate

Java Project using hibernate. Online Bank Management System Project in Java using hibernate with source code and project report. It’s a web application design to automate Banking services.

This Online Bank Management System project in Java using Hibernate is can be a Minor or Major project in Java for Computer Science Students. Let’s discuss a bit the used tools and technology in this project then will move to features and functionalities of the system.

Tools And Technologies

Bank Management project in hibernate is using JSP, Servlet, HTML, CSS to manage the front end and server-side of the application. Its using hibernate to manage the backend or Database of the application.

Bank Management System Project in hibernate

Online Bank Management System project in hibernate is designed to manage the banking activity online or we can say automate the manual process of a bank.

The main objective to create a web application in Java using hibernate is to help bankers. This System will help to maintain the bank account records, Maintain the transaction records of the customers. Easy to track all the banking activity a centralized system to maintain all the bank activity. Let’s check the project description with the role of different users.

There are two main actors of the application Admin/Bank and User/Customer

  • Admin (Bank)
  • User(Customer)

Admin: Following activity performs by admin or bank user.

  • The bank can ADD/EDIT/UPDATE new customers.
  • Admin can ADD/EDIT/UPDATE Bank.
  • The bank can ADD/EDIT/UPDATE transactions as per the customer request.
  • Admin or bank can update the user transections.

When a new user will be added under any bank. A unique account number will generate automatically for the customer that the user will use this during the transactions.

User: User can perform following crud operation.

  • Users can register and login to the application.
  • Users can send money to another user.
  • The user can update his profile.
  • Users can check the transaction history as well.

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