Online fashion store project in java with source code and project report

Online fashion store is an Advance project in java. Online fashion is an e-commerce based project in java using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL as backend.

Another java web project with source code. Online fashion store following the MVC architecture and build on the Maven tool. Online fashion stores will be a good choice for the Minor or Major project in java for computer science or MCA students.

Online fashion store project in java

The following are the key points of the online fashion store project in java.

  • Online fashion store an eCommerce based java web application.
  • User can select any fashion product like clothes ETC.
  • Online fashion store provides the filter option to view the product according to the categories.
  • It contains cart options so the user can add the product in the wish list or cart. It means easy to manage the product while going to pay for it.
  • Admin or shop owners can manage the activity of user-product orders ETC.

Java project overview

Online fashion store is an eCommerce project in java and It contains all the common features of an online product selling website.

It’s using HTML, CSS, and bootstrap to design the front end that makes the page more attractive for the user. Users can view the page and explore the website and can view the product.

If the user wants to buy any product user can add that product in the cart it’s really easy and one-click activity. before the finish, the payment user has to register in the application.

Once the user login in the system user can view his cart history as well as the transaction records.

Another important actor of the application is ADMIN. Admin can add the user admin can manage the shop owner and users. Admin can manage the product record as well. Let’s understand all the modules and functionality in the detail or you can follow the attached video to get the exact flow of the project.

Technologies used in Online fashion store

Front-End : JSP, Html, CSS, JS.
Server-side: Servlet.
Back-end: MYSQL.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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