Gym Management project in java using jsp, servlet, MySQl and MVC

Java web application Gym Management project in java using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL. Complete java web project with source code and documentation. A mini and major project for college students(Gym Management project in java). It is a dynamic website using the core technologies of Java web programming like JSP and servlet. Here is an example of a simple java web application(java web project) using servlet and JSP as a back-end MYSQL. Those who are starting learning advance java like JSP servlet. It is the best example of creating a java web project and using MySQL with servlet and JSP.

Contact to download and configuration source code

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Gym Management project in java using JSP, servlet, MySQL, and MVC

Modules and Description of Online Book Store Project in java:

Admin Login:

Admin can log in to manage Gym members with the modules Like Add Package, Add Shift, Add User, Add Trainers, Payment, Manage Attendance and view all the reports.

Administration: There would be some submodule under the Administration module.

Add Package

Add Shift

Add user

Add Trainers

Manage Payment

Manage Attendance

Reports: Admin can view reports for all

Technology Used in the project Online Book Store.

The complete project is developed using the below technology

  • HTML: Page layout has been designed in HTML and JSP.
  • CSS: CSS has been used for all complete style part.
  • Jsp/Servlet: All the business and frontend logic has been implemented in
  • MySQL: MySQL database has been used as a database.
  • Glassfish: Project will be run over the Glassfish 4.0

Contact to download and configuration source code

Skype Id: jcodebun


Price: 800 INR

Step by Step Tutorial to configure Java project

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  1. i want project for fitness management company for my college project. so, if you can provide me the fully functional web based project than I will be much thankful.

  2. Hi
    How much cost build this project?


    Create a web application for the gym. Within the application, there is a database of all registered users / members of the gym. Each member is remembered: name, surname, year of birth and date of enrollment in the gym. In addition, each member remembers a list of exercise programs they attend. As a beginner, one person can sign up for fitness and the body pump program.
    All exercise programs must be available in the application and the administrator should be able to enter, change or delete them.
    At all times, the application administrator should be able to check when a member has visited the gym and which exercise program he or she has attended, as well as review all available exercise programs and all members.
    The gym employee (administrator) opens the application by entering the username and password, after which he is logged in to the application and can use it (otherwise, he is notified that his access data is incorrect).
    Upon successful login, the administrator is on the lobby page, from which he can view, change or add members, all exercise programs and member presence.
    If the member came to the reception, the administrator enters in the database information about the time of his arrival and the program he intends to attend. If a member is not logged in to the program in the database, an error message is displayed, and if it is, an entry confirmation is displayed and attendance is entered into the database.

    The application must:
    Use Java EE (do not use any additional framework)
    Use MySql database
    Use only JDBC for database management (do not use object relational mapping systems)
    To use Java Ant builder (do not use maven or gradle).

  3. Thank you for the great work, can you please share with me the source code for this, really appreciate.

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