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 java web application Online bookstore using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL. Complete java web project with source code and documentation. A mini and major project for college students(Online bookstore in java). It is a dynamic website using the core technologies of Java web programming like JSP and servlet. Here is an example of a simple java web application(java web project) using servlet and JSP as a back-end MYSQL. Those who are starting to learn advanced java like JSP servlet. It is the best example of creating a java web project and using MySQL with servlet and JSP.

Modules and Description of Online Book Store Project in java:

Search Book:

The search book is the main module of the project. In the online bookstore, the user will search for books and select an interesting book. Once the user will select a book from the search result page. He can download the book as a pdf.

Features of Search Module:

  • A user can search for a book.
  • A user can select a book from the search result.
  • A user can download a book in pdf format.

Login and Registration :

  • A user can register in the application and maintain his profile. After login user can view the user dashboard and check the history of the book downloaded by the user. Existing users can log in to the application and maintain their records.

Book category:

The user can search for a book according to the category. There is some static category. When the user will search for a category. All the books under the category will be listed on the results page. The user can select any book and download it.

Technology Used in the project Online Book Store.

The complete project is developed using the below technology

  • HTML: The page layout has been designed in HTML and JSP.
  • CSS: CSS has been used for all complete style parts.
  • JSP/Servlet: All the business and frontend logic has been implemented in
  • MySQL: MySQL database has been used as a database.
  • Glassfish: Project will be run over the Glassfish 4.0

Contact to download the source code and configuration

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WhatsApp: +91 8827363777
Price:  1999 INR

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