Online Food Delivery project in java with source code and project report

Online Food Delivery project in Java with source code is a web-based project with source code and project report, including all the required documents.

This project is built in Java using JSP, JSTL, servlet, MySQL, JDBC, HTML, CSS, bootstrap, Tomcat, Eclipse, MySQL, and MySQL Workbench. It’s a maven project and follows MVC architecture.

Online Food Delivery project in Java is a web-based platform with multiple users that can log in and register into the application and perform operations like Managing food, deserts, orders, restaurants, customers, and restaurant owners. To get more detail please watch the complete project demo below.

Online food delivery project in java with source code

Used Technology

Project: Online Food Delivery.
Front-End: JSP, JSTL, Html, CSS Bootstrap.
Server-side: Servlet.
Back-end: MySQL, MySql workbench.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.
IDE: Eclipse or STS

Project Module and Functionality

There will be Three main actors or users of the application

  • User/Customer
  • Admin/Manager
  • Restaurant Owner

Admin User

  • Admin can handle all customers and restaurant owners.
  • Admin can ADD/EDIT/DELETE/UPDATE restaurant records.
  • Admin can ADD/EDIT/DELETE/UPDATE User records.
  • Admin can Manage the food categories.
  • Admin can track the order records.

Restaurants Owner User

  • Restaurants can add new food to the list for the user view.
  • The owner can ADD/Edit/Delete food and dessert.
  • Restaurants can view booking orders.
  • The owner can update the self-profile.
  • The owner can change the password.
  • The restaurant owner can food categories and new food under the category.

Customer User

  • Users can view the food and dessert list.
  • Users can add to a cart the food or order the food.
  • Customers can view the order history in the order section.
  • Users can log in and register in the application and manage all the records like booking history.

Project Demo

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UML Diagram for Online Food Delivery System Project


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