Online tourism management project in java with source code and project report

An online tourism management project in java is a web application following MVC architecture and the Maven tool. so here is another college project for computer science students. The tourism management project is using JSP, servlet, MYSQL, and Eclipse or NetBeans. 

Online tourism management is a good idea to choose a minor or major project for final year students. or for if you want to learn java web development. because this java project is using all the required web technologies that are used to build a web application in Java.

Let’s have look at the feature and functionalities of Online tourism management in detail.

Tourism management project overview

Well, We all know these days everyone loves to travel or explore new places. At the same time tourist are worried about the accommodation and find the best and secure places to stay or spend the best holidays.

Online Tourism Management System will come with some solution that going to solve lots of problems like a tourist can book his holiday packages before leaving the own house. That Includes all the accommodation and the in-depth details about the places and the hotels.

This is a web application and programmed in Java. using JSP, HTML, CSS, Servlet, MYSQL and deployed over the tomcat server. It using MVC architecture to manage the resources and files and using the Maven tool to manage the dependencies.

Let’s highlight some key points about the tourism management system in java.

  • Users can view all the places according to the location or types of holidays and adventure.
  • Users can estimate the price or select any holiday package according to the requirement.
  • The online tourism management system will take responsibility for all the needful things about the customer requirement.
  • A centralized admin can manage all the actors of the application like hotel managers, Places manager,s or all types of customers.

Tourism management project Modules.

Tourist Or User

Tourist is the main module of the application. tourists can view the packages and book any selected package according to the requirement. the User can explore the place virtually by using images or video clips.

Users can log in and register in the application at any time from anywhere and check the booking history also can make a new booking.

Holiday packages

The holiday package is the main born of the system that contains all the details about the places like images, name of the place, description, Price, duration in days or hours, and the adventure that the user can do at that place ETC.

Images will help the user to explore the place and find some positive gestures about the place or we have another option here to add video clips about the place that also will be a good idea. We can keep this for future enhancement.

Travel Agent

This module contains all the details about the travel agents according to the locations. Travel agents also can register as new users and log in as an existing user in the application at the same time travel agent can delete or update personal details. Users can find the contact details of the travel agent and contact them.

Actors of application

mainly there are 3 actors of the application let’s discuss the role and responsibility of the actors in detail.


  • Admin will be the root user of the application that can manage all the other users or data of the application. like an admin can manage all the users or tourists.
  • Admin can Edit, Delete, Update the user.
  • Admin can edit, delete and update the tourist places.
  • Admin can edit, delete and update the hotels or the hotel managers.


  • Users can Register in the application.
  • Users can log in to the application.
  • Users can view all the tourist places.
  • Users can make bookings of any holiday package.
  • Users can make payments online.


  • The manager can Add, Edit, update new places.
  • The manager can Add images about the places.
  • The manager can check the booking according to location.
  • The manager can arrange the agent details.

Let’s see the technologies and software that are used to build this web application.


Front-End : JSP, Html, CSS, JS.
Server-side: Servlet.
Back-end: MYSQL.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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