Library management project in hibernate

Library Management System project in Hibernate is a web application. The complete backend of this project is to design and developed using Hibernate and MYSQL. Let’s understand other technologies and tools in the Library management project in hibernate.

Library Management System is a hibernate project and using HTML, CSS, JSP, and Servlet to design the front end and manage the server-side request and response. It using MVC architecture, Maven tool, and Tomcat server to deploy and run the application.

Library management project in hibernate

The main objective of the Library Management System(LMS) is to manage and automate all the operations of the book library. So the libertarian can manage the books and user records in a good manner.

Features and Functionalities

Mainly there is 2 main actor of the application that going to operate the application 1)Admin/Librarian and 2) User/Students.


  • Admin can ADD/EDIT/DELETE the books in the library.
  • Admin can ADD/EDIT/DELETE users or students.
  • Admin can check the available books and issued books records.
  • Admin can issue a book to a new user after successful authentication.

2) User/Students.

  • Users can register and login to the application.
  • Users can check the issued books.
  • Users can request to admin to release a book.

Modules in library management project.

Login and Registration

Login and registration is the entry point of any application so the user and admin can register in the application. the registration process contains some basic input fields like user name, Email, Mobile Number, and passwords Etc.


Book or Digital books is the main module of the library management system. Book are assets that we are storing in the database with some details like name, author name, and version, and a PDF format. So admin can perform crud operation and issued the booked to users.


As we discuss above there are two main actors or users of the application admin and user. those are performed an operation according to their roles.

Project In Hibernate with source code

LMS is a hibernate project and it using all the basic features and functionalists(CRUD) of a web application like Create, Read, Update, and Delete the records. Its following MVC architecture to manage the controller. Also following the MVC to manage the external resources like view part or hibernate.

Its using Hibernate to manage the back end of the records of the application. where we execute the queries in the HQL. Currently, it’s using MYSQL workbench to manage the database operations. It can be a Minor or Major project for computer science students.

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