Java web application projects

Looking for a Java web application project? Here in this blog, I will list out some best Java web applications project with multiple java technologies and tools like JSP, Servlet, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, Maven, MVC, MYSQL, and Tomcat.

There are two types of Java web applications according to the technologies.

  • Java Web Application projects using JSP, Servlet, JDBC, and MYSQL
  • Java Web application projects using Spring boot, Hibernate, JPA, and MYSQL.

Java Web applications using Spring boot and Hibernate

Below is the list of available Web applications in Java that is using Spring boot as backed, Hibernate to perform database transactions and MySQL to store the data, and other tools like Maven, Tomcat, and MVC.

Java Web applications using JSP and Servlet

Available Java web project that is using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL, Deploy on localhost using tomcat servlet.

When you click on any project it gives you a detailed understanding of the features and functionality of the application as well as you will get the end-to-end video demo to understand the application. Check more Java Web application Projects